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EU Taxonomy

Introduction to EU Taxonomy

The European Union's Taxonomy Regulation, adopted in 2020, introduces an EU-wide classification system or "taxonomy" for environmentally sustainable economic activities. The main purpose of the EU Taxonomy is to provide businesses, investors, and policymakers with a common language to identify which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable.

The EU Taxonomy forms a core part of the European Commission’s Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth, contributing to the EU's goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

Understanding the EU Taxonomy Framework

The EU Taxonomy is based on six environmental objectives:

  1. Climate change mitigation
  2. Climate change adaptation
  3. Sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources
  4. Transition to a circular economy
  5. Pollution prevention and control
  6. Protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems

To qualify as environmentally sustainable, economic activities must contribute substantially to one of these objectives, do no significant harm to any of the others, meet minimum social safeguards, and comply with specific technical screening criteria.

The EU Taxonomy is designed to provide companies and investors with the clarity they need to navigate the transition to a low-carbon, resilient, and resource-efficient economy.

Streamlining EU Taxonomy Reporting with Discloser

Discloser is a pioneering tool designed to optimize your ESG disclosure process, including reporting in line with the EU Taxonomy. Here's how Discloser can assist you with your EU Taxonomy reporting:

Facilitating Team Collaboration

Discloser is designed to foster effective teamwork during your EU Taxonomy report creation. Our platform allows for real-time collaborative efforts, ensuring consistency and improving the overall quality of your reports. By enabling multiple users to contribute to the report concurrently, Discloser ensures an efficient and streamlined reporting process.

Automating Data Collection

Collecting relevant data from various sources within your organization, as well as from suppliers, is a crucial aspect of EU Taxonomy reporting. With Discloser, you can set up automated data collection systems, significantly reducing the time spent gathering data for your reports. Additionally, Discloser ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data collected, reducing the risk of reporting inaccuracies.

AI-Powered Drafting Assistance

Discloser harnesses advanced AI technology to expedite the drafting process for your EU Taxonomy reports. By auto-generating report drafts based on the data collected, Discloser provides a robust starting point that your team can build upon. This feature reduces time spent on manual drafting, allowing your team to focus more on strategic decision-making.

Compliance with EU Taxonomy Standards

Discloser is fully equipped to support EU Taxonomy compliance. Our platform guides you through each of the environmental objectives and technical screening criteria, ensuring your report aligns with all the requirements of the EU Taxonomy. Moreover, Discloser keeps up with updates to the EU Taxonomy, ensuring your reporting practices stay current and compliant.

Simplified Reporting Process

Navigating the EU Taxonomy and creating compliant reports can be a complex task. Discloser simplifies this process by breaking it down into manageable steps and offering clear guidance and support throughout. Whether you are new to EU Taxonomy reporting or an experienced practitioner, Discloser is poised to make your reporting process smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

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