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Dicloser supports your ESG journey with automated data collection, AI-assisted drafting, centralised data storage and audit trails.
Discloser features

Tools for modern ESG teams

Enable your team to work together seamlessly, intelligently draft your ESG reports, and flexibly export them to fit any format.
Foster unity in your ESG journey, as Discloser enables your team to collectively work on reports, driving better understanding and a shared sense of responsibility.
Leverage the power of AI to simplify your ESG report creation process, delivering precision, speed, and intelligent suggestions that streamline drafting.
Navigate the labyrinth of global ESG standards with ease; Discloser allows flexible exporting of your reports to align with any format, ensuring universal compatibility.

Your all-in-one ESG hub

Complete reports: 
ESG Navigator
Navigate your internal ESG reporting landscape with ease and efficiency. Craft comprehensive and accurate reports, while promoting team collaboration and leveraging powerful AI insights.
Send out data requests:
ESG Conduit
Establish a streamlined channel for your vendors and suppliers to submit their ESG reports. Enhance transparency, improve compliance, and foster a sustainable business network.

Unleash Your ESG Picasso

Welcome to a world where practicality meets innovation.

Cultivate a Shared ESG Responsibility

Foster a culture of shared responsibility in your ESG reporting. Invite team members to contribute, comment, and review in real-time, making reporting a truly collective effort.
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Transform Your Reporting with AI

Unleash the potential of AI to transform your ESG report drafting. Benefit from intelligent suggestions, automated analysis, and swift report drafting, all powered by advanced AI.
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Ease Your Compliance Journey

Navigate the global ESG reporting standards with ease. Align your data with a multitude of standards, ensuring compliance while communicating your sustainability story.
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Personalize Your ESG Narrative

Tailor your ESG narrative to reflect your unique sustainability journey. Adapt and customize the report frameworks to resonate with your corporate identity and values.
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Included in all plans

ESG: reporting for duty

Integrated Analytics
Dive into your ESG data with integrated analytics. Uncover powerful insights and inform strategic decision-making.
Role-Based Access
Manage your team efficiently with role-based access. Ensure the right people have the right access at the right time.
Automated Follow-ups
Stay on top of your ESG reporting process with automated notifications. Never miss an update or deadline.

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